Fortune’s Tower glitch fixed … why the repercussion?

Awhile back we reported on a Lionhead blog update that directly stated a fix was coming to the Fable 2 pub game Fortune’s Tower. A week ago, Peter Molyneux seemingly knicked a fix when he stated that the glitch in Fortune’s Tower was on purpose and players would be “in for a surprise” for their nefarious money grabbing. Apparently the developers at Lionhead didn’t get Molyneux’s memo. As of yesterday, the glitch has been patched.

1UP (via X3F) is reporting that the patch also wiped the leaderboards for Fortune’s Tower to eliminate those who cheated to gather gold in the game from the listings. Of course, this turn of events raises the question, “Why the ‘surprise,’ Mr. Molyneux?”  

Thankfully, I’ve already put in enough time with the glitch to buy a small city. Yet, I’m left to wonder what my repercussion is, and furthermore, why the game was fixed to begin with. Is this some great Lionhead conspiracy to separate the good and the bad seeds? It’s obvious that Molyneux is a brilliant guy who really gets into what he creates, but this sort of maneuvering just doesn’t make sense to me. Why do you think Lionhead went ahead and fixed this supposedly intended glitch?

[Thanks, Brian!!]

Brad BradNicholson