Former GameStop employee rants Yahtzee style

I know that several members of the gaming public have a great deal of malcontent for GameStop and its practices — employees hassling about reservations and subscriptions, trade in prices that are clearly a rip-off — and it seems that one ex-employee shares in his customers’ annoyance; as he went on to create a nine-part Youtube rant detailing why the retail chain sucks.

The (cleverly aliased) WhistleBlower also decided to record them in a style very reminiscent totally ripping off Zero Punctuation. Perhaps this was all in an attempt to remain anonymous lest he should suffer a reprisal from the vengeful ex-employer. Or maybe he’s just a fan of Yahtzee’s work: who can really say?

Most of the stuff WhistleBlower covers is mostly common Internet knowledge, although there are still some interesting bits of info — how bad GameStop’s used console failure rates can be, how it’s a such a convenient place for thieves and drug addicts to unload stolen merchandise, etc. One thing that really surprised me, though, was how he totally forgot to list GOOZEX as a good place to trade games online. What’s up with that?

Justin Villasenor