Former EA executive joins Microsoft Game Studios

In a bit of industry news to go with your weekend, it would seem that the former executive of EA Chicago, Kudo Tsunoda has taken a position with Microsoft Game Studios. An anonymous staffer has confirmed the rumors about this latest hiring, and while usually that’s cause for a Rumortoid, we’re going to just blame Gamasutra if it’s wrong. Seriously though, it seems pretty legitimate, this one.

What is to be taken as rumor for now, however, is that Tsunoda’s new project is a Gears of War game, which we’ve been told is possibly a launch title for the 360 follow up console.

Gamasutra hints that Microsoft is looking at following the EA process of assigning different executives as overseers of different types of game development. We could see a number of divisions within Microsoft Game Studios, though there’s nothing concrete on that so far.  

Jim Sterling