Force Unreleased: Stars Wars game delayed

Here’s some bad (if somewhat expected) news for those of us eagerly awaiting Star Wars: Force Unleashed. The fantastic looking game, originally slated for an April release, most likely won’t be seen now until August. Well, bugger.

There doesn’t seem to be anything officially stated about this, just a site claiming insider knowledge and IGN now showing the proposed August release date. That’s a shame we have to wait, because this game just keeps looking better and better. However, perhaps keeping a wide berth of Grand Theft Auto IV‘s release is a wise move. Star Wars is Star Wars, but in terms of gaming, Rockstar will have the undeniable spotlight that month. That said, some have hinted that the game didn’t look all that up to scratch and needed a lot of tweaking, especially in the animation department. We’ll have to wait and see on that.

Looks like we must wait a few months to Force blast stormtroopers through TIE Fighters and annihilate those detestable Wookiees, but I can hang on for a feeling that good, and I still have high hopes for this. It’s not like we didn’t see a delay coming, anyway — this is the games industry.

Jim Sterling