Florida Attorney General: Wii is a bit too realistic for this game

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It looks like all may not be all puppies and daisies in Wii-land after all. That is, if the Florida Attorney General has anything to say about it. GamePolitics came across an interview with Fox News in which Bill McCollum expressed his extreme displeasure over the thought of Manhunt 2 finding a place on the Nintendo Wii.

As you might have guessed, the same controller hailed for its ability to finally make videogames truly interactive does have the potential for being a bit too good at it for its own sake. After all, the last thing politicians want to see is a fictitious game in which players reenact clubbing and stabbing motions with Nintendo’s angelic point and click device.

The interview itself has yet to be aired, but it is widely expected to make a controversial appearance closer to the game’s July 9th disturbance day. In the meantime, enjoy the next best thing — this excerpt from McCollum’s press secretary:

Attorney General Bill McCollum is concerned about any games which may instill violence in children, particularly games that encourage children to engage in violent behavior, even in simulation. He believes it is important to help protect children from influences which may introduce violence into their lives and stresses the importance of parental involvement in the efforts to keep these influences out of our homes and away from our families.

You’ll never guess in a million years who else was interviewed by Fox News to give their two cents on this report? No, it wasn’t Bozo the clown. Sadly, he passed on many years ago, but I still say he’s the better man. Expect none other than Jack “videogames are Satan’s propaganda” Thompson to be on hand for his view on the whole thing (as if we will ever need another interview from Thompson  to realize this by now).

Will Jack and Jill his army finally be able to make us see the light, and rebuke our evil mature rated game-loving ways? I seriously doubt it, but the guy sure is good at working a crowd. Too bad it’s made up of people who don’t play videogames in the first place, and whose backgrounds and morals are statistically no better than those of us who do.

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