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FlatOut returns on the Wii and with plenty of screens

2010-10-02 13:00:00  ยท  Matthew Razak

A return of the FlatOut racing franchise with a new game by developer Team6 was announced back in April, but it didn't seem to make that big a splash considering we don't seem to have announced it, so consider this your introduction to the fact that a new FlatOut is coming to the Wii.

The screens below show that Team6 has been doing a very solid job on getting the game looking great for the Wii, and the all important destruction elements are looking pretty solid. In case you're wondering what the hell is going on with the large weapons hitting a car, that's a new mode developed for the Wii in which you're given a certain amount of time to destroy a vehicle by bashing it, and if you score high enough you unlock that vehicle.

Other modes that don't sound quite so gimmicky are the traditional racing mode, a destruction derby mode and a stunt mode, which allows you to fly yourself off a ramp in slow motion and then eject the driver through the windshield in order to get the highest score by breaking as many bones possible.

Sadly, this game, which does actually show some promise, doesn't feature karts, Mario or a children's cartoon so it's probably not going to sell.

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