Flashy Avatar dev diary builds hype like whoa

During E3, James Cameron came out on stage at Ubisoft’s press conference to talk about one of my most anticipated films of the year, Avatar, and the game tied into it. He then spent 30 minutes putting the audience to sleep and rambling on about what amounted to “Avatar is awesome, and I worked on the game too.” It actually put a damper on my excitement for the game and the movie, despite his obvious excitement over it. I wasn’t really alone, as Anthony “it’s not art” Burch came away from his demo of the game being mostly not blown away. I suppose it was nice to see a major director so involved with a game.

The hype machine marches on for both film and game, however, and if this superbly-put-together dev diary for the game doesn’t make you a bit more excited about the world of Pandora, then you clearly don’t appreciate glowing markers enough. The diary basically restates what Cameron blabbed on about for 30 minutes, but does it in a much shorter fashion and with actual gameplay. If we had been shown this at E3, I think everyone would have come away far more excited about the game, and the film itself. We’ll just have to wait and see if the game and movie are anywhere near as epic as Cameron thinks they are. 

Also, if Ubisoft wants to send Destructoid a stereoscopic 3D television set so we can review this game in its fullest, we’d be happy to take it. I believe we’ve already demonstrated that we have no issue with greed, and we will gladly buy tacos with the television once we’re done with it.

Matthew Razak