First Master System games for Wii Virtual Console announced

I’d like to believe that there’s a Sega kid in all of us, though these days it seems that most are a bit down in the mouth when it comes to the Japanese game maker. That’s okay, though. Those Sega faithful that have been around since the good old days will surely remember the Master System. It’s nice to think back to those simpler days, isn’t it? The return of these titles can help us get back to that.

We already knew that Master System titles were coming to the Virtual Console. Now Sega gives us some solid pricing. Each title will be available for 400 Wii Points ($4), making these MS games the cheapest retro titles on the Wii service.

WonderBoy is a perfect title to kick off the Master System releases with. I’m sure most of you are familiar with at least one of the various titles that fall under the WonderBoy series, but this is the very first, ported from the original arcade title. What some may not know is that Master Higgins from Adventure Island is a direct descendant of WonderBoy’s Tom-Tom. In fact, aside from the character, Adventure Island and WonderBoy are the same game.

The other selection is Fantasy Zone. In it you fly a ship Opa-Opa around crazy, colorful levels, trying to take out enemy bases in each. Opa-Opa and references to Fantasy Zone have made numerous appearances in various Sega games, including Shenume, Arnold Palmer’s Tournament Golf, and even Space Harrier. “Welcome to the ‘Fantasy Zone’! Get Ready!”

Gaming Bits says that there is no release date so far. 

I don’t see the kids dishing out their Wii Points for either of these titles, but I think plenty of Sega kids won’t mind ploping down $4 for old time’s sake. Are you interested in either? What other Master System titles would you like to see?

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