First look at Dead Space 2’s multiplayer

I am not a multiplayer gamer. I love my single-player experiences and one of the things I hate most in this world is when a single-player game tacks on multiplayer in the sequel just so they can say they have it. Even if it doesn’t hurt the single-player experience at all I am irrationally annoyed by it. Is this the case with Dead Space 2‘s multiplayer? We’ve got our first video to help us decide.

I have to say, as long as the single-player doesn’t suffer from the dev team working on the multiplayer (and there shouldn’t be any reason it should) this looks very promising. Necessary to the game and franchise? Not in the least. But fun? Yea, I’ll definitely give it that.

Tacked on or not, let’s hope that it turns out to be as good a time as jumping on somebody with a Necromorph child and tearing them apart looks like it can be.

Matthew Razak