First Grand Canyon screen released

Oh, c’mon. This is worthless.

Seriously, we’re neck-deep in the next-gen of gaming, and this is what they give us? I know a lot of us have been looking forward to the reportedly “breathtaking” and “awe-inspiring” visuals of the Grand Canyon (due out in September), but it looks as though we’re going to get short-changed. I’ve never seen a vista more in need of anti-aliasing in my life. 

I know what you’re going to say: “but it’s fun to climb!”, and “there are some great hiking trails!”, and “you can ride a friggin’ donkey to the bottom and camp and whatnot!” — sorry, but I play games, people. I don’t want to figure out new ways to play ’em. I don’t want to climb with my hands or reach around like I’m retarded or something to play a game. Just give me a controller and make it look good

I know we expected a lot from the maker of Niagara Falls and Mt. Everest, but this is a real disappointment. Let’s hope that the developers can clean it up a bit between now and release date. It sounds like a wild ride, but it’s just so ugly it’s damn near unplayable.

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