First gameplay footage of Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver

Although Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver were confirmed a few days earlier than expected, Japan’s Poké-centric television program Pokémon Sunday continued the festivities surrounding the big announcement earlier today. They did so by showing off a few bits of the new artwork for the three starter Pokémon and about 15 seconds’ worth of gameplay. It’s not much of anything at all, to be honest. It seems as if the Diamond/Pearl look is intact, making everything in the Johto region big, colorful, and pretty. But besides a glimpse of how the game will look, there really isn’t much to be gained from the footage… except for a curious little creature following the player around in it.

Whether or not your starter in Heart Gold/Soul Silver will always follow you a-la Pokémon Yellow‘s Pikachu remains unknown, but that thing does look an awful lot like a Chikorita. It is very cute and evokes good memories of Yellow, but is it anything to really get excited about? Personally, I think I could pass on the concept, but it’d be great if you could choose which of your Pokémon to have follow you around, as I normally switch out my starter for another monster not too far into the game. More than anything, it just makes me very excited about what other elements they may be bringing back from older titles for these remakes.

If you want to take a look at the gameplay video, which was taped from the Pokémon Sunday broadcast by fansite, hit the jump.


Ashley Davis