First footage for Assassin’s Creed DS

Assassin’s Creed just came out this week for the DS and we’re now finally seeing some in game footage. The game looks alright from the limitations that the DS has. Still, there are parts that look really buggy and is hard to stomach.

You just can’t help but wonder why they didn’t bother making this on the PSP instead. The mini games look totally tacked on too. Such as the mini game in this footage that looks like it was taken from Elite Beat Agents. Hit the jump for the one more video.

It’s really hard for me to see someone who loved the Xbox 360/PS3 version of the game trying to play this. Some of the elements here are reminding me of retro games too. Such as the “You Win” graphic when you clear a mini game and the guards that are sleeping standing up. 

So who still interested in this? Dtoider ZServ just made a blog saying he likes it so far. Anyone else?

Hamza Aziz