First Fight Night Round 4 trailer features Ali, Tyson and no ear-biting mechanic

While the game’s been shown behind closed doors more than a few times (GameStop managers had a chance to see it at a conference earlier this year), last night’s Spike VGAs marked the first public look at Fight Night Round 4

The follow up to EA Sports’ 2006 boxing title, the game looks every bit as good as expected, although the flashy effects and cuts of the trailer could obscure how the game will truly look in action. It also offers little info in terms of how the game will play. The previous games had a heavy focus on dual analog stick controls, and since they worked so well, it’s hard to imagine EA would go in a drastically different direction with Round 4

The big draw here is the legend-on-legend fighting, in particular the appearance of Mike Tyson who hasn’t appeared in a good videogame since 1987. Whether or not the game is good or bad is irrelevant — the very mention of Tyson is going to have longtime boxing fans (and even casual viewers of the sport) frothing at the mouth. 

Fight Night Round 4 supposedly slated for a July release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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