Finally: Trigger Heart Exelica hits XBLA next week

I was awakened this morning by the sound of my phone ringing, and was surprised to learn who was calling:Secretary:

“Hello, Mr. Cantler?”
Me: “Yes?”
Secretary: “Good morning sir, this is Hell calling. I’ve been instructed to inform you that we are under an extreme winter weather advisory, and as such will be unable to supply you with the weekly suckage that you have become accustomed to on XBLA. Our offices are frozen over, and thusly, for the second week in a row, you will have to make do with a game that is actually good. We apologize for the inconvenience, and look forward to your taking residence here in about 30 years.”

Not sure how Hell got my phone number, or what they meant by that last part, but I do know that Trigger Heart Exelica is finally coming to XBLA next week. According to the game’s developer, Warashi, the release date for Trigger Heart is 2/27/08, which means we could be looking at two Best Week Evers in a row.

So make sure you’ve got 800 points ready to go so that you can play it, and so I can feed on the frustrated screams of thousands of youngsters who cry that level 4 is “just too hard.” Actually, that’s kind of mean of me to say, isn’t it? Maybe it’s not so odd that they had my number.

[Thanks to Buster (who else?) for the tip.] 

Topher Cantler