Finally, here’s what Catherine’s gameplay systems are

Whenever news about Atlus’ new action-adventure Catherine is posted, the comments are set alight with equal parts giddy excitement and exasperated confusion. That latter half mostly consists of lines to the effect of “Oh come on, just tell us what the game is like already!”

And I’ll admit, my own curiosity was beginning to get the better of me. But, after what seems like an eternity of drooling anticipation, Atlus has finally started throwing bones about what sort of game Catherine is.

According to an update on the game’s official site, gameplay’s separated into three systems: “Nightmare”, “Drama”, and “Stray Sheep”. So far the only information that’s been handed out is for “Drama”, which, as one might imagine, mainly consists of cutscenes and narrative as Vincent navigates his way through everyday life and the morass that is his relationship with Catherine and Katherine. Events will be mixed up between cutscenes that employ the in-engine 3D models and sequences animated by Studio4°C, the folks responsible for such works as Tekkon Kinkreet and Detroit Metal City.

I’d put down money that “Nightmare” mode involves the horrible monsters and ram-horned traversal we’ve already seen in some of the scanned previews and screens, but the real mystery is “Stray Sheep” mode. All we know is that it’s the same name as the bar Vincent and his friends frequent. What will it be? Maybe some kind of Fable II Pub Games thing?

Check out the site for the blog update and a look at one of the game’s early cutscenes.

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