Finally, a video game about folding paper!

The Nintendo DS portable game system and its nifty touch screen has sparked a slew of ‘games that you can’t play’, with titles ranging from cooking instruction to makeup application (seriously!), and now comes out with an action-packed title about…paper folding?

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper, and those who desire to learn that art now can with the upcoming title called Minagara Oresu DS Origami. TDK brings us this ‘class in a cartridge’ with instructions on over 100 different paper folding projects, including the popular crane, penguins, hampsters, and other fun animals. The instructions include video and audio (Japanese only) that can be controlled via stylus, and the use of the console’s voice recognition feature allows both of your hands to be free to fold ninja stars to your heart’s content.

Minagara Oresu DS Origami hits Japanese shelves on August 9th.

[via Dengeki]

Dale North