Final Fantasy XIII demo will clock in at over 2 hours

 Final Fantasy XIII

In March 2009, Japan will be getting Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, a Blu-Ray release of the film. This new cut of the CG-animated film will feature a bevy of material that was left out of the original which will considerably increase the film’s running time. If we’re lucky, the plot might be in there somewhere.

Also included in the package is a second Blu-Ray disc with a PS3 demo of Final Fantasy XIII with a longer estimated length than the film it comes with. Running in excess of two hours, the demo will give players a glimpse of the story’s beginning. Famitsu released some other sparse details regarding it in their latest issue, including some very vague character minutae. No word on whether the “complete” Advent Children will be leaving Japan’s borders yet, let alone if it would include this demo should that happen.

For a game which could run well over 40 hours, a two-hour demo might not be a bad idea. Considering Square’s love of cutscenes, I have to wonder what ratio of watching to playing is there. Since I haven’t been able to stomach more than a couple of hours in a Final Fantasy game since IX, however, something like this could save me $60.


[Via Kotaku]

Conrad Zimmerman