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Final Fantasy XIII actually will be better on PS3


Contrary to our satirical article in which I said Final Fantasy XIII would be blatantly better on the Xbox 360, Square Enix has revealed that Blu-ray will lead to a superior PS3 version after all. The Xbox 360 version is going to feature compressed video and audio, presumably in an attempt to get as much content as it can on one DVD. 

Despite the compression, the Xbox 360 version will still ship on multiple discs. Meanwhile, Final Fantasy XIII on PS3 will be uncompressed and resplendent on a single dual-layered Blu-ray disc. To give you a sense of how far ahead Blu-ray discs are, a dual-layered BD can hold 50GBs of data and a dual-layered DVD holds 9GB.

While the compressed nature of the 360 version will have very little effect on normal people, the fanboys are going to have a field day. This is a de facto victory for the Sony obsessives, even though their human eyes and ears won't be able to detect a real difference in quality between the two. Still, congraulations to PS3 owners, probably!

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