Final Fantasy Versus XIII won’t be at TGS

Square Enix, despite showing off a new trailer at the Tokyo Game Show last year, will not be revealing anything to do with Final Fantasy Versus XIII at this year’s show. The publisher is apparently breaking the habit of a lifetime and for once will only be focusing on games coming out over the next twelve months instead of ten billion years from now.

TGS attendees will be able to play Final Fantasy XIII, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and Dissidia: Universal Training (an international version of Dissidia for Japan). However, games that aren’t planned for the next year, despite being announced ages ago, won’t be seen. 

It’s about time Square Enix focused on upcoming games rather than things that are years off. Perhaps if the company focused on only a handful of titles at a time, they’d come out much quicker. So, this all begs the question: When the Hell WILL Versus come out?

Jim Sterling