Final Fantasy IV DS’s CGI-only trailer

Remember when commercials for Final Fantasy VII were airing and nerds were up in arms over their complete lack of actual gameplay footage? Yeah, I was one of those nerds. But oddly enough, I’m totally okay with just seeing loads of gorgeous CG footage in Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy IV remake trailer, first shown at the Square-Enix Party 2007. Something about seeing the Tower of Babel realized in gorgeous, shiny CG just hits me. Y’know, here. [Points awkwardly at heart.]

I’m okay with SE totally whoring out this franchise so long as it continues to do so in this general direction. How ’bout cutting out the sixth Final Fantasy XIII spinoff in development and getting work started on a remake of Final Fantasy VI

Hey, it could happen. Why the hell are you laughing?

[Via NeoGAF

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