Final Fantasy Dissidia announced for PSP

You might recall an ominous mentioning that a new Final Fantasy title would be announced at Square-Enix Party 2007, and lo, it did come to pass. Witness the first image — the logo, ooh! — of Final Fantasy Dissidia, or Dissidia: Final Fantasy, or Dissidia Final Fantasy Without That Colon In There.

We don’t know much, and it’s likely that more information will be spilled in a matter of hours, but here’s the from-the-hip evaluation: this new Final Fantasy will be appearing on the PSP. Those figures featured in the standard Amano logo seem to resemble Shiva and Ifrit, er, maybe. They could just be… you know, folks. Folks with horns and flowy blue dresses. As you might imagine, it’s mostly conjecture at this point.

The official Web site doesn’t tell us much either, but it does include the following mysterious rumblings: “Fantasy is endless … Fantasy has no limited form … information revealed at Square-Enix Party 2007.” From there it launches into the logo. Like I said, not much information.

Something to consider, however: given the somewhat enigmatic phrasing on the Web site and Final Fantasy‘s 20th anniversary, could this be a remake? A spin-off of one of the earlier titles in the series? A really gnarly Barret dating sim? Well, as soon as we’re told, we’ll let you know. 

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