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Fight for something in For Honor's beta at the end of January


But you won't yet fight for honor

It's not hard to figure out your motivation in For Honor. It's eponymous, it's right there in the name. You fight for honor, a prize of the spirit that transcends anything material. Honor isn't easy to attain, though. It's one of those coveted qualities like glory or heroism that take a lot to achieve; but, once you have it, it takes a monumental fuck-up to lose.

For Honor has a taste for the valiant, but it's not enough to call yourself honorable. There's a beta running from January 26 through January 29 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Sign up here if you're interested.

The premise of the beta is a War of the Factions event where vikings, samurais, and knights battle each other for supremacy -- but not yet for honor. That's a more arduous road, one that can't be traveled in a single weekend.

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