Fanboy Friday: This or a prostitute?

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story has been out for a couple weeks, but people are still talking about it. I’ve been playing it every night ever since I picked it up, and it’s been a pretty fantastic experience. It also, unsurprisingly, got really solid reviews. While the comments in these reviews were MUCH tamer than your typical 360/PS3 fanboy-infested review, there was still a bit of ridiculousness. So, with that said, today we’re going to look at the often ignored, much less intense, world of handheld fanboys.

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You probably know the drill by now. Since this is a comment thread about a review, we’ll talk about the score first. IGN gave Bowser’s Inside Story a 9.5. Let’s see how people reacted. It’s nice to see people still bring up Killzone 2, no matter what platform is being discussed.

it deserves a 10 ign sucks go g4

lol this got a better score than killzone 2

mario 10/10 XDDDDDDDDDD lol’d hard 😀 most epic leet graphics game get 9 and the fucking 50 years old mario gets 10/10 XDDDDDDDDD bullshit

whoa 9.5 chill bud its not even that great, i mean 20 hours is decent but a 9.5 rating
this game deservers somewhere between 8.5 – 9

Fairly typical, no surprises there. Also no surprise was that there was PSP bashing almost immediately, for no real reason.

i regret getting a psp. they suck dick.

What DID come as a surprise was that I didn’t realize that there were some serious fanboy lines drawn about the original Super Mario RPG, particularly regarding Geno.

imagine if they had a geno cameo. that would be sweet

Oh for the love of… would you fan boys just let that little creep go? I’ve Played Mario RPG. I have no clue why people obsess over him (or the game itself) like Twilight freaks obsess over Edward. >_>

Some fanboys get into an argument over game piracy.

feel sorry for fools still buying DS games. Get an R4 card and download them for free. zzzz

Yeah. R4 is really great. Thanks for supporting the economy douche.

hey yeh no probs. You continue to be ripped off by Nintendo ok fag

wat retards gave me a thumbs down? If you can get things for free why pay for them? Now in saying that I’m not asking you to break into someone’s house with a crowbar and 9mm. Also in saying that I’m still happy to pay 100 Aussie dollars for good quality PS3 and 360 because I know those games take 3-4 years to make and cost millions to develop, thus deserving that price.

cool story bro

This isn’t really fanboy material, but the response is pretty funny. This guy asks a question, gets shat on, and then ‘fights’ back.

can we play this on ds! or only on dsi

dude that is one of the dumbest questions I have ever heard anyone ask. BTW, just remember that the ONLY game you cannot play on the DSi is Guitar Hero, ok. Now please don’t ask anymore noob questions.

fuck im just asking! im not so nerd like you about DS! be respecfull so people respect you too!i hope your teacher,mother talk you like that! i wont never ask you again a question! 🙁 

I have no idea why this question was even asked, because Bowser’s Inside Story is certainly not $70.

70 dollars for this or a prostitute

Like Geno, a lot of people also have pretty negative feelings towards Mario.

Mario and Luigi are gays no?

Can’t Mario just roll over and die?

mario should die
then play a smash game and kill him.

In 2075 when i fucking old as fuck and about 2 kick the bucket straight 2 hell, there will still be mario and madden games!!!!!!!

Sorry Wii/DS owners, Nintendo is the least favorite.

Nintendo is the least favorite because microsoft and Sony had some new Motion controls without that they would have been boring and also because all nintendo did was tell people the best games were coming and didnt have much to show BUT i agree they should have some new characters but Mario there is so much more mario can do

A console fanboy pops in just to tell everyone how dumb handhelds are.

ive never understood playing on a ds or handheld emu for any reason other than to record a walkthrough or review

And finally, we’ll end with a guy’s excellent advice to those who were still talking about pirating the game.

You should download it to your anus and experience the awesomeness.

What games do YOU want to download to your anus?

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