Fanboy Friday: TGS Stupidity Extravaganza

While a lot of times I like to show YouTube videos, what I don’t often show is YouTube comments. If you’re new to the internet, you know that YouTube commenters are pretty much fished out of the bottom of the internet cesspool. Nowhere else will you find such blatant stupidity, homophobia, racism, stupidity, inanity, hostility, and stupidity. Since this is the week of TGS, I thought what I’d do is check out the comments left on a variety of trailers that demoed this week. Since this week is about the comments and not the videos, I’m going to leave the trailers themselves out. You can find most of them on Destructoid if you want to watch.

Buckle up, it’s going to be depressing.

Most of these games/trailers need no introduction, since you’ve probably been following the TGS news all week, so we’re diving right in.

First up: Square’s Nier RepliCant trailer.

This look kool I want it lol =] 

It’s like a DMC fighting style where you play as Raiden, and Jack the Skeleton is the bad guy!! lol!! xD 

this game could have not been more cliche.roflmfao at the part of “hes fighting to save his sister”.like seriously?this is the best you could come up with?cant u just release FF13 versus and go fuking do 14,in stead of wasting your fuking time to do some 2nd hand meaningless game? 

You, sir, are a fucktard. Square IS busy making FFXIII. XIV can wait as well, since it’s not JUST FINAL FANTASY. But the most important in that this game isn’t even MADE by Square… They release it, but Cavia develops it.

go eat a dick.i couldn’t care less of your homosexual comment nor who develops what gay shit. 

I love eating dick, especially with some salt.

Frank West in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom!

why does he look like the guy from Grand Theft Auto 4?

frank west is such a faggot where is phoenix wright 

nooo noooo …. no thats gay … frank west deserves better it dosent even sound like him this killed Frank West … -_- … no  (Ed Note: It’s the same voice actor from Dead Rising)

It’s a sin this isn’t on a real system like the 360

real system my Fking ass, did you know the very fake system you said sold much much much much more than real system you love so much

that frank west twin because frank was not like that

The wii sucks most people that have it wish they didn’t and eventually upgrade to the 360. A REAL SYSTEM FOR REAL GAMERS (Ed Note: This comment appears to have been posted by an infamous Dtoider!)

who is this faggot, and why is he fagging up this game?

Calling him faggy doesn’t make sense, he is actually pretty awesome, badass, and pushy (like a journalist should be). I guess you can say he has a faggy moment when you make him put on female dresses. haha

The Last Guardian trailer again!

they just fucked you and moved on 

Still… Not being able to control the griffon character sounds pretty lame… More like a downgrade from SOTC… It’s still early in game dev. but I am not very happy about this total shift from gameplay… Throw a barrel to get it over towards a ledge? Rudimentary and simple…

What do people think of the Peace Walker trailer? Let’s listen into this conversation:

that is why PS3 sucks. PS3 only had MGS and God Of War and Now PS3 only has God Of War. God Of War Is Overated too. Its Repetitive Gameplay.

halo is beter 

You are a stupid cunt, mon Senior. 

y r u so angry @ me u shold be angry at sony for not having halo on ur shitty ps3 idit 

shut up u retard helo and mgs r two different concepts discuss about halo on other video 

cuz ps3 doesn’t need HALO in short ps3 users doesn’t give a damn about halo. 

Gran Turismo 5 excites the fanboys, but probably not in the way that Sony wants (except for one guy).

Looks easy and it doesnt really bring anything new to the table.. It has no physics what so ever..(no car dmg and carsdont flip over etc) just pathetic. and i read that this game wont even have porsches in it -.- 

every one coming to this Video wants to PLAY GT5 You know that and you make a stupid fucking comment to get people pissed off , why dont you fuck off you little troll piece of Shit, What mommy and daddy not giving you enough attention you stupid fucking fagit ?

You really must be a trolling piece of shit loser. Fanboy bitch.

This will be the greatest racing game ever created in the history of gaming, and I’m definitely picking it up on the first day

This is what they’ve been working on for 5 years? You got to be kidding me. Well, have fun with this game in 2010. You won’t see a GT6 until 2020. Unless they release GT6 gaylogue demo at retail prices.

Faggots like you will have more time to lick dude’s assholes since the game won’t be out till 2010.

typical asian driver 

And finally, we’ll end with the God of War 3 trailer. Nice to see a glorious return of the 360 fanboys, since they’ve been lacking in recent weeks.

Looks almost as repetitive as the others… WHY THE HELL DO PEOPLE LOVE THIS GAME!!! 

its cool good, violant, gr8 storyline… 

Man this is so not cool Xbox would look great with this title 

xbox 360 cant handle this game 


ur mom

hey hey hey watch the langage 


Really that makes you sounds really intelligent, about as smart as a squirrel. Why don’t you grow a pair and buy a brain before you reply. Go back to your Xbox bullshit. 

xbox sux cause graphics sux cause xbox is gay and gay cause of halo bullshit and fable dreamshitbull and electro bullshit it sucks and it system is weak and cant handle this game cause its in bluuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeraaaaaaaaa aaay

omfg! Sony so kicks Microsofts ass sorry to say but it’s true once Microsoft can make a game like this i will be looking forward to seeing the game but still until that moment SONY, for life.!

go ahead 360 fans rant all you want about halo odst sales, most of you say it wasnt even worth the 60 bucks lol, you can keep halo, we dont want it

oo prince of persia! oh wait it another crapy god of war game ooh joy,oh and more joy it exclusive 2 ps3, oh wait….. that makes it ANOTHER LAME ps3 exlusive,( none lame ps3 exclusives r. drake fortune, kill zone 2 and urm err oh metal gear oh wait tht not exclusive any more oh well never mind =)

Lol your a complete Dumbass. And Metal Gear is still exclusive you get a shitty Spin off. Nice GTFO. kthnxbai 

mother fucker fuck u god of war as a hole has sold more copies than halo one and two. so shut the fuck up just because u like to suck dicks and wish u could suck on kratos’s doesn’t mean u got to b a asshole to everybodies favorite badass.

obviously you’ve never played god of war there is nothing…NOTHING. “lame” about it at all from the first one up until now god of war has been one of the best game(s) in my opinion now go and play you wii

This game is gonna kick my ass and rape my mother

xD ps3 slim will sell so much just because of the games especially this one considering they tried putting this in a 360 and then their 360 exploded into kratos and then they where never seen again xD

one HUGE problem with the game… multiplayer. not buying sorry. its def a rental…. 

360 owners just cant take it that the ps3 is better and then they be pussy’s about it because they think the 360 is the ultimate system (ummm NO) so any 360 owners see these fuck u and ur flimsy piece of bullshit console go jump off a cliff no one likes u…

I just…I don’t…I was going to write something witty to end the column, but all I want to do now is down a bottle of Advil and go lay on the couch for the rest of the day. 

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