Fanboy Friday: Official Fanboys

You know what we haven’t done in almost two months? Take a trip over to the magical land of YouTube to see what all the fanboys are up to. This week: ElPresador is up to his usual tricks, Batman defends the Wii, whoever is in charge of Sony’s YouTube needs to watch it, a 360 fanboy has WAY too much time on his hands, and a hardcore white boy calls out all 360 and Wii fans. Are you ready?

Hit the jump to watch, and see how many you can get through.

Looks like ElPresador took a week off from posting videos back at the end of July to work on making some props! Here he is showing them off. It also appears that his descent into complete insanity is finally complete, as about a minute in I totally lost track of what he was even talking about. He does have a nice little song to sing though.

So, you thought the Wii was crap? Well, you’re wrong. You know how I know? Because BATMAN said so.

Now, this next video itself isn’t very entertaining, and I’m pretty sure it’s old. The hilarity in this is that it was posted yesterday by SONY’S OWN OFFICIAL PLAYSTATION YOUTUBE ACCOUNT. Seriously guys? You’re stooping to this? I know they didn’t make this themselves, but I can’t believe an actual representative from a compnay would even repost something like this. Let’s try to have at least a shred of professionalism, hmm? (Make sure you check the comments on the main site for bonus hilarity.) I’m a dumbass — this is a fake account. Disregard!

Here is part 1 (of 4) of a 360 fan rambling on about why the PS3 is terrible. The whole thing is about 20 minutes long! If you can stomach that much fanboyism, watch all four parts. I couldn’t.

And finally, we end with this. I was going to hate on the PS3, but now I’m afraid to because this guy totally called me out. Don’t fuck with Sony, or this guy will fuck with you.

See you next week!

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