Fanboy Friday: Narrow sidewalks edition

Each week, Fanboy Friday takes a look at some of the most ridiculous, asinine, and unintentionally hilarious comments made by fanboys from a variety of gaming sites.

E3 has come and gone, all the crazy announcements are over, and now we can finally sit back, relax, and take a look at something we haven’t seen in a while – review scores.

Prototype just came out a few days ago. A lot of people have been pretty excited for it, especially since there haven’t been that many major games released in the past couple months.

IGN gave it a 7.5.

There are now almost 1,000 comments about the review, many from people who can’t believe that Prototype got such a low, pathetic score. A 7.5? You might as well have given it a 0.

Hit the jump to read the whining.

It had been so long, I forgot how personally people on the internet took review scores. As is IGN’s standard practice, the scores and the review text for both the 360 and PS3 versions of the game are basically identical, but that doesn’t prevent fanboys from flipping a shit. First comes the inevitable comparisons to inFAMOUS by people who haven’t even played Prototype, since they posted their comments before it was even released to the public.

seeing how this game was much better then infamous, this review is kinda strange.

LOL inFAMOUS kills this game!! multi-platforms are never good.

probably because infamous was that must better.. prototype deserves the 7.5

I will agree that inFamous is better than Prototype, but I REALLY think that Prototype deserves at least an 8.5

its funny they talk about repetitive side quests, when you just repeat the same 5 side quests over and over again in infamous. ign sucks

lol sorry I had to do that to piss more people off lol

Does someone mind telling me what the FUCK is good about Infamous? I bought it the other day and it’s fucking shit!! The whole fucking game is just using that same fucking lightning bolt move on these shitty fucking alien monster things. The animation when the lightning bolt hits the monsters is so fucking dull i can’t even be bothered to do it. So i try the other moves he had and they’re all shit too. Seriously i want someone to give me one god damn thing that’s good about that game – i really WANT to enjoy playing it but i just can’t, it just disgusts me. I havn’t played Prototype before but judging by the videos it looks a hell of alot funner than Infamous. Alot more moves and combos – running across rooftops and shit and transforming and blowing stuff up with hand to hand combat and shit. A hell of a lot more fun than this fucking shit im playing. They may as well just given the protagonist a handgun – it does about the same thing as shooting this single lightning bolt. Seriously i BEG one of you to give me a ‘lil pep talk about why Infamous is any good?

Then we see just how badly people think a 7.5 is. Despite the caption that says ‘good’, people seem to think a 7.5 means ‘on par with E.T.‘. Anyway, people just start blasting the review and/or the game and nitpicking pretty much every little so they have something to whine about, whether it be how much Prototype sucks or how much they think the review sucks.

I was really counting on an awesome review for this…I’ll probably rent it now, but i’ll cancel my order on it today. Sadly, I was hoping this would be better than Infamous or at least as good.

WTF, was this a girl playing and reviewing this game or what? she said that the game had too much blood and too many monsters

an 8.1 would probably be more appropriate

Since the tone of this review is so negative, why’d they settle on a 7.5 out of 10 (or in other words a ‘good’ rating) when the reviewer obviously thought the game sucked (usually something you’d give a 5 or 6 to)?

lolIs it just me or are the sidewalks narrow as hell on Prototype?

Then we get the people who say that IGN is terrible and wretched because they didn’t give the game the same score as some other site. These tend to be the most common review complaints. ‘BOB’S GAME SHACK GAVE THE GAME AN 11/10 YOU GUYS SUCK’.

I can’t trust this review. Nobody else has written a review this bad for this game.

Too low. It seems IGN missed the mark with this one.

WOW i have 2 think that IGN is still in e3 mode and they think that all games should look like god of war 3 or halo odst… i have beat both infamous and prototype and they both desereved an 8 or above infamous just got such a good mark because sony hyped it so much and pay ign alot of money 2 say there game was good

This simply proves how worthless IGN has gotten. IGN was at one point a respectable site and has gone to complete crap. The reviewers these days give perfect 10’s to over rated games that are far from perfect, and giving bad reviews to games that are actually very good and fairly inventive. Prototype is easily in the top 5 games of the year and it’s superior to Infamous which is an incredibly boring game after about 3 hours.

This is gotta be a freakin mistake
or this is worst reviewer ever
IGN da fk is goin through ur mind
I know e3 was a couple of days ago buh chill
all the games cant be over the top graphics especially with prototype having to cover an entire city
so fkin chill
IGN has failed miserably on this one
btw infamous is crap

Holy hell, please stop whining about useless “inadequacies” in this game. This is a breakthrough in the “sandbox” genre. Even the incredibly overrated GTA IV doesn’t come close to this. For all of those reading, I recommend searching for a more fair review of Prototype. This is just authority running it’s mouth. After this display of “work,” I won’t be coming back to IGN for any more reviews. That’s for sure.

This is trash and I can just get my 360 news and reviews from Xbox achievements and not have to deal with incompetent morons. 

Since so many people are talking about inFAMOUS, that only means one thing. 360-PS3 flamewar! The funny part about this is that a good chunk of 360 fans seem to think this was a PS3 exclusive, and a lot of the PS3 fans seem to think this was a 360 exclusive. Good job guys.

The reason infamous got a way better score than this is because the ps3 panboys on this site are so happy to be graced with a decent exclusive they praise it with a score higher than it deserves, not the first time either.

LOL @ the Anti-inFAMOUS commments. Just cause you Xbots don’t have it on your system doesn’t mean it sucks

inFAMOUS – for pussies who like to strike people with lightning from afar.
[PROTOTYPE] – for gamers that don’t stray from a challenge and like slicing the shit out of things.

This is the x360 baby, the home of hardcore gaming, there shoundn’t be any Wii lovers reviewing this game.Please put down the controller and go play your nintendo it has no blood in it, and your mom will approve but your friends will stuff your head in a toilet.

All people who own 360s do is settle, they settle for bad hardware, they settle for below average games. The 360 is a settle system.

LOL oh man all you dumb 360 Fanboys saying shit about Infamous that prototype is gonna be better(even though it’s also for PS3). Will you look at that!!! 7.5!! LOL ah that made my day. Now you guys can STFU 

I admit im an xbox fan but in no way am i biased in saying this. PS3 fans get the hell over infamous

WOW!!! For once, the 360 misses out on a great game (inFamous) and it’s better than the multiplatform game (Prototype), which means 360 owners ESPECIALLY miss out this time. It’s funny how defensive Microsoft fanboys when the ACTUALLY don’t win for a change.

You know i find this funny that all the xbots were talking trash saying infamous was gonna be garbage and prototype was gonna be way better. hmm now what happened here? Looks like infamous is a far better game and prototype got the shaft. Seems xbots are eating those words now. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure prototype is fun but a 7.5 to 9.2 infamous? Don’t be ignorant xbots won’t be the last time you have to swallow sadness.

And then we get to the personal insults.

Jesus, do you pay the hooker for nothing cause you blow it from when she flashes you getting in the car? Pretty much analogous situations.

shut your mouth and go back to sucking coles dick

Erik needs to be shot for this review. Listen to the words this p*ssy uses to describe his experience ”alot of tension, too aggressive, high stress, mindless killing” obviously you don’t belong reviewing a game such as this, let alone playing it. Terrible score considering most other gaming sites gave it a much higher rating. Stick to reviewing games that are geared towards people who have vagina’s like yourself, f*ckin c*cksucker.

Poor little Erik, you can come out of your corner now and un-tuck your balls from between your legs. P*ssy boy. 

the reviewer is a meat puppet.

And finally, our closing words of wisdom.

I’m just waiting for the Destructoid review to come in to get a better assessment.

Damn straight.

In summary, we’ve learned yet again that anything lower than an 8 is trash, that a multiplatform game can be used as evidence in a console war that a certain console sucks, and that game reviewers deserve to be shot for only saying a game is ‘good’ and not ‘great’. Reviewing games is a far more dangerous job than I expected…

So, your topic of discussion this week – which game is better? Prototype or inFAMOUS? Remember, when writing your answer, you can’t give any reasons why one game is BETTER, only reasons as to why the other game sucks.