Fanboy Friday: Ghost Fingernail Edition

Each week, Fanboy Friday takes a look at some of the most ridiculous, asinine, and unintentionally hilarious comments made by fanboys from a variety of gaming sites.

Finally, something exciting happened! A few days ago, the trailer for Team ICO’s latest game, ‘Project Trico‘, leaked on the internet. Naturally, most people were pretty excited, because OMG TEAM ICO!!!! I don’t care who you are, the trailer for this game looks totally badass. Most of the commenters in our Dtoid story agreed, and it sounds like pretty much everyone is really excited for this game.

Everyone, that is, except the YouTube commenters.

That’s right, as soon as this video showed up, the fanboy console wars immediately started. Hit the jump to hear about how this is the stupidest game ever. As a warning, today’s edition is going to be LONG. There is so much material I don’t even know what to do with all of it. Only the best of the best are even getting posted here – if you have 3 hours to kill and want to weep for humanity, go look at the original thread.

[Thanks to the amazing and sexy Bloodylip for pointing me to this!]

3980 comments at the time of this writing in two days. That’s pretty impressive. Too bad most of them are retarded. Here is the very first comment that sets off the massive fanboy war.

Gayest shit ever and you know look at the kid looks so 1d. The concept is cool but the graphics are horrible and you know this. If you even compare this to Killzone2 or Uncharted your a idiot or even infamous.

And that sets everyone off. He was right though, the kid totally looked like a line.

The graphics look like ass.
LOL @ GAF pretending it looks good because its a PS3 exclusive.
If the same game was 360 exclusive none of them would give a flying shit about it, we all know thats true. 

hey motherfucker
It looks better than all games on shit box 360
U are seeing an old trailer. still it looks way better than queers of war. hahaaaaaaa xbug 3 fix me owner 

fuck you son of a bitch, shut the fuck up or ill fuck you up in the ass very hard.

Ok, Shitbox 3Shitty is pretty good. It’s no microshitting fagtart, but really, what is?

Almost instantly, people start screaming about how much GAF sucks and how it’s apparently full of *gasp* athiests!

GAFfers are gaping-asshole atheist faggots. BAN ME, DRAGONA ACUNTEI!

That Bishop guy is a BOT. and that AmirOX works for MS. Too bad that forum died and so did many fake forums and wesbites like GT. No wonder people only visit IGN and a handful sites like PSLS for news.

neogaf is a small forum. It is dead now. It was relevant but Xbots destroyed that place and now no one goes there. even the mods are BOTS –bishop/amir ox .w hat a shame

A couple guys insist on comparing this game to Gears of War over and over again. God knows why, since they are NOTHING ALIKE, but who really understands fanboys. Also, apparently Gears is an iPhone game.

these are Xbots. they dont have the capability to even think about that too and why not did anyone ever see Gears 2 aka iphone game

Guess you dont like GEARS OF CRAP either.
Aliens buried in ground? LOL 

others this is queers of war 1.1
video posted so that everyone can have a good laugh
“Gears of War 2 – Multiplayer Footage (Part 1 of 2) (HD)” haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aa iphone game vs TRICO early trailer. LOL
[Editor’s Note: He didn’t actually link a video. He just pasted the title of one.]

Sorry, but Gaystation 3 < Shitbox 3Shitty.

What the hell is this crap. Is this the type of stuff gaystation 3 owners like. Even if it’s real it will sell like 100,000 copies tops. People don’t buy this crap. X360 FTW.


american loves war. 

are you suggesting that only Americans play war videogames? 

Just stateing, most of america’s debt is to Social Security, not China. The more you know! 

U owe china 3 trillion dollar and total debt is 23 trillion dollar . GM declared bankruptcy today and very soon US will be fully finished. No one cares aout US anymore. IT s eu ,china , india which will dictate terms in the future.U might have to hand over califronia to china any day 🙂

And, we’re already rating the game!

Cant wait till this game gets it’s inevitable 10 from IGN like all PS3 exclusives, when we all know it will probably deserve about a 6.5.


man playstation lifestyle your a bunch of fucking dicks I hope you realize you just ruined Sony’s E3 press conference not only for Sony which I thought you supported and the fans who were hoping Sony had a big announcement you fucking assholes you basically just gave the show to M$ way to go! Do us a favor and delete this video everywhere its posted so no one else gets a ruined E3!

It’s the racism roundup!

Only a nigger find this gay, but find anal sex manly. Thanks to your people there is AIDS and XBox is making a profit out of a fail piece of garbage, just because microsoft accept food stamps, so they can pay with it to their shitty developers. Go back to africa…wait no, because then you will appear on another great PS3 exclusive.

people who loves PS3 re fuckin Asian. so I only ply xbox360 

Ok, this would actually be really funny.

i would laugh if the griffon did a big shit when the kid was hanging on to his tail. 

Fact: Only 360 owners do things like go to the opera or visit the MoMA.

so poetic ,so beautiful !

ITS ART, at least thats what sony fanboys want to think. Most of them probably never put a foot in a Museum. 

I’m pretty sure you’re doing it now.

What a piece of shit game, pathetic trailer, only sony sheeps can jerk off to this.
I’d rather jerk off to anime. 

Sorry guys, I really don’t want a ghost to leave fingernail marks on my door.

PLEASE DONT READ THIS!In 1971 a guy named Kyle an his girlfriend Emily were in side a house that was said to claim peoples lives if they entered the house.The next morning a guy named Alex saw fingernail marks on the door.if you dont post this to 5 videos, youll be getting a visit from Kyle and Emily tonight!WARNING:this has been proved to be real,i value my life!whoever reads this may God be with you! I TRULY DO APOLOGIZE!!!

Ok, I’m going to be honest. I’m about 75% of the way through the comments, and I can’t take anymore. It’s too much. If you really want to subject yourself to more, go read the original thread. I’m just not strong enough. Basically by page 5 everyone stopped talking about Trico entirely and just started bitching at each other about the consoles.

I’ll leave you with this. A posting from ELPRESADOR’s BFF TR3Y4LIFE

Killzone 2 vs. halo 3 – Killzone2 kills gaylo 3
MGS4 vs. Gears 2 – MGS4 Murders Glitches of war
UNCharted vs. Fable 2 – Uncharted owns fable 2
Resistance vs. Mass Effect – Mass Effect was lame
GT vs Forza – GT rapes shitty forza
Motorstorm vs PGR4 – lol PGR what?
InFamous vs. Crackdown – Infamous makes crackdown look like shit
Bioshock is on PS3 also
Ps. Fable 2 sucks you can beat it in less than 2 weeks and after that you dont have shit to do in that game.

Damn, I think you Shitbox 3Shitty fanboys just got OWNED.