Fanboy Friday E3 Extravaganza: Nintendo Press Conference

Aaaaaaaannnnnddd WELCOME! (Sorry Dyson.)

Here comes part 2 of our 3 part Fanboy Friday series! Yesterday, we took a look at random internet commenters’ reactions to the Microsoft Press Conference that happened on Monday. If you didn’t see it yesterday, go ahead and read it now. It’s ok. I’ll wait.

Ok, finished?

Today, we’re going to be looking at what happened during Nintendo’s conference. Widely mocked last year as having the worst press conference of the entire show, I was interested to see if they had learned anything. I was also curious to see how gamers would react, since as we saw yesterday, the only thing people cared about from the MS conference were the and Facebook announcements.

How did Nintendo do? Was the gaming community excited, or was it an even bigger bust than Microsoft’s conference the day before? 

Nintendo wasted no time in getting down to business. After the amazing Cammie strolled out onto stage and announced that Nintendo’s new goal is to ‘create and surprise’, she rolled a montage of all the major Mario games ever made, which segued nicely into their first big annoucement, a New Super Mario Brothers for the Wii. On the surface, it seemed like Nintendo listened to their fans and gave them what they were asking for. But was it enough? Were gamers happy?

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Um…ok. Disregarding whatever the hell was happening in that last comment, it looks like gamers just aren’t interested in Mario. I think that guy was right, all the old-school Mario fans who grew up on the NES and SNES games just want Mario back in 3D. Not deterred by what, based on these comments, I’m sure was the total lack of enthusiasm from the gamers in the audience, Cammie pressed on. If Mario doesn’t get people excited, maybe Wii Fit Plus will!

Yea baby, milk that cash cow! 


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In honesty, people were so unimpressed by Wii Fit Plus that no one even bothered to comment about it. It took me long enough just to find those five, and they aren’t even that good. Things are looking really bad for Nintendo at the moment.

Then Square-Enix comes out, with two games to show off. Crystal Bearers and Kingdom Hearts 365/2. Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts are both popular franchises, so maybe this will make gamers happy. Sadly, no one talked about Crystal Bearers at all, becaues I guess literally no one cares. As I go through this, I’m noticing a theme of there being an average of about 5 comments on various sites about these games, and none of them are entertaining. People had some things to say about 365/2 though.

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Yeah, sorry, that’s about all I could find. Just wait a little bit until we get to the major announcements – things should pick up then. Next up – Bowser’s Inside Story. I was REALLY excited about this game, but I’m guessing I’m a minority. Did the internet care enough about this to badmouth it?

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Those graphics are pathetic, if you expect me to pay money for a game like that in 2009, you are out to lunch. Those motherfuckers should be in 3D. Come on, the reason Mario games were so good was because they were so original. Now a days Mario isnt original at all. It’s 2009 people, stop living in the past.

Normally I would say this is more bad news for Nintendo, but I think at this point they should be happy that people even bothered to talk about this game. I thought it took me a long time to put together yesterday’s Fanboy Friday, but finding people leaving ANY comments for these games is like pulling teeth. What did people have to say about Golden Sun DS?

Nobody gives a fuck about Golden Sun, Nintendo. Give us some real games.

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Nintendo then gets to their whole ‘create’ bit, by introducing Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again and WarioWare Do It Yourself, both of which feature user created levels and level sharing. They also announced Women’s Murder Club: Games of Passion, and out of all those three titles, apparently no one gave a flying shit either way. So, unfortunately, I’m just going to move on to something people actually talked about.

THE VITALITY SENSOR! Much funnier than the people who inevitabely shit on it are the people who tried to pretend like they were really excited about it.

People lets use our brains here. Yes its a pulsex on a wii, but think of all the things that could be used for. Horror games that vamp up the violence when your heartbeat goes back to normal, FPS’ that make you shoot off when your nervous or when your hear rate jumps up. The possibilities are endless. This could actually revolutionize gaming if the developers use it the right way. Lets stop bashing Nintendo because mommy didnt find a wii, so you settled for xbox’s.

Maybe this thing works in reverse ;\ For example, let’s say you’re playing Trauma Center Wii. When your patient loses health, the game hurts YOU! Thus, the game is sensing your vitality by making your vitality the same as the patients. So… What happens if you lose..? Heh heh heh…

the vitality sensor i see it being used in virtual reality for wii & controlling games with mind.

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i mean think about it if u are playing metroid and u cant defeat the bad guy u are gonna have all this types of different emotions that the character will display

Ok, I apologize for the lack of hilarity up above. Really. I don’t have much material. Now we’re really getting into the amazingness. Here comes Mario Galaxy 2. Big win, or big fail for Nintendo?


Seeing how disappointing the first SMG was, I’m not the least excited about this, couldn’t care less.

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FINALLY! SMG for Hardcore Players! If you didn’t know, it was announced that SMG2 would be much harder because the Hardcore Audience was complaining.


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And finally, Nintendo wraps up the conference with their biggest announcement, Metroid: The Other M.

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I apologize in advance for the wall of text, but this… THING, fills me with so much fucking RAGE, as do your responses to it.
It’s more than a trailer. It’s a prelude to most likely the worst god-forbid-I-call-it-a-game of the century. I could rant, but I don’t think I’m allowed to post something as long as a short story.
YOU WILL DIE A SLOW. PAINFUL. DEATH. (Editor’s Note: This is in response to another comment.) First of all, all the new Mario games always turn out to be pure crap, so it’s not hard to be better than that.
Team Ninja is doing things to Metroid that SHOULD never have been done. They don’t understand the idea of Metroid. It’s not for the brainless masses that most games appeal to. It’s not meant to be composed solely of fighting or action. It’s supposed to be a mesh of the shooter/platforming/puzzl genres that is meant for at least semi-intelligent audiences, who are looking for a challenge. Metroid was a game that could keep it’s awesomeness but still be very challenging. It’s meant to have at least a little mystery in it. It’s not supposed to have every damn thing spelled out in a painfully obvious manner, just so some idiots will stop bitching and whining about how they don’t know EVERY DAMN DETAIL. You people who think this is amazing don’t understand what Retro knew. They knew that any franchise that goes on for way too long will be ruined by the mere fact that it’s running out of original ways to convey a constant idea. Look at Mario. Those games were awesome at first! They were fun, and slightly difficult without being impossible. But now all the ideas are trite, and too cutesy to leave the player with a truly good experience. They also became extremely easy to get through, and never lasted long enough to get a really good feel for the game.
What’s worse about *shudder* Other M is that they made it into a fucking anime game! They took everything wrong with American anime, applied it to what appears to be a mix of a football game and Metroid, and fucked it up even more with horrible graphics!! I mean, the least they could do is make it LOOK good!

The graphics when Samus freezes the tentacle and blows it up are pure crap. I am begging God to have mercy on me and make them do a game with decent graphics. I will never, i’ll say that again, NEVER consider it a decent metroid game if the graphics aren’t improved (after all, most metroid games had impressive graphics for their time, anyone remember mtroid prime?)

To be honest, I was surprised. I was expecting there to be rabid insult flinging and blind Wii defending left and right, but that didn’t really happen in any of the places I was looking. It looks like the 360 crowd and the Sony crowd literally have just ignored the Wii to focus on trolling each other. Most of the comment threads were just filled with relatively reasonable Wii owners talking about how excited they were about the various annoucements, without anything really degenerating into absurdity. I guess that’s a win for humanity, but a loss for potential humor. Oh well.

Consider this your breather! Tomorrow we’ll be back with the final installment, the Sony press conference. While today might have been tame, tomorrow will be a glorious return to what happened yesterday.

See you then!