Fallout’s Vault 15 in three glorious dimensions

I know, I know — I ought to be working on my paper. But comparative literary studies ain’t got nothin’ on an absolutely faithful 3D rendering of Fallout’s Vault 15, even if it’s not exactly, y’know, real. Nah, this ain’t Fallout 3 — it’s a map for Half-Life 2. But who cares? It’s still a realization of some of our deepest dreams, and that counts for something. Okay, fine, my deepest dreams.
Kinda makes you itch for the real deal, right? As awesome as this map may be, don’t let this tidbit of pure sunshine give you any false hope. Fallout 3 is going to suck, plain and simple. Why? No particular reason — I’ve found it’s best to hate on a highly anticipated title as prematurely and as profoundly as possible, so when it turns out to be good, you’re pretty damn happy about it.
But while we wait for the latest installment in the greatest CRPG saga ever conceived, we can all explore the depths of Vault 15 for ourselves, just by nabbing the map here.

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