Fallout: New Vegas getting ‘crappy’ speech, DLC

Fallout: New Vegas is but a month away, and Obsidian’s Chris Avellone has been chatting about some of its new features, including an enhanced speech system. Low intelligence characters are getting some of their dimwitted speech options back, there are more skill checks for dialog, and there’s also a new “Crappy Speech” option.

“We added more skill checks for various skills (Barter, Explosives, Sneak, Guns),” he explains, “displayed the success values for skill checks, added some stupid-speak at points for low INT characters, and changed the text of the line if your skill isn’t high enough (as an example: adding [Crappy Speech] “uh… maybe… you’d be making a mistake?” vs. [Good Speech skill] “You pull that trigger on someone that’s got NCR’s full support, you’ll be making a mistake.”).

Avellone also confirmed that downloadable content was coming (obviously!) but that it’s in Bethesda’s hands: “No idea, up to Bethesda. They are planning for DLC, I don’t know the specifics for that yet, though.”

With its focus on an old school feeling and what looks to be a genuinely refreshing new environment for the series, Fallout: New Vegas is fast becoming one of my most anticipated titles this quarter. I seriously can’t wait to play it and wash the taste of Alpha Protocol from my mouth!

Interview – Chris Avellone [Planet Fallout]

Jim Sterling