Fallout 3 ‘update’ coming to PS3 next week

Bethesda has been hard at work on the DLC content for Fallout 3 on the PS3, but so far owners of the black monolith have no content to download at all and they were originally promised it in late June. That is 12 days ago at least! Do you know how long that is in internet time? It’s practically a decade. So where is “Operation: Anchorage,” the first of the DLC to be released, and when will we be seeing the rest of the content that is already on the 360 and is going to be released in the same order as that system? We still have no clue.

However, we do have a promise of an “update” next week. Speaking to G4 via email Bethesda’s marketing VP said, “[We’ll] have [an] update for folks on that next week.” So they’re either going to suprise the world by releasing the content next week and didn’t want to spoil the fun or they’re going to tell us how it really is hard to get the DLC to work right on the PS3 and a bit more time is needed. Either way it means that PS3 owners who want to experience “Operation: Anchorage,” “The Pitt,” and “Broken Steel” will have to wait even longer.

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