Fallout 3 DLC will be ‘several hours,’ insert horse armor joke here

Bethesda’s VP Pete Hines recently outlined some specifics to Shacknews as to what will be offered as downloadable content for Fallout 3. Instead of going the route of extremely small microtransactions like horse armor or dens to put stuff in, Bethesda is looking towards larger content that involves the player to a greater degree.

We want stuff that’s going to be several hours. Not just like a one-off thing, but something like where you can download it and play it for X number of hours. It’ll be similar to what we did with Knights of the Nine in Oblivion, where it’s like whole new quest lines, new stuff, that kind of thing.

As much as I would like to crack a joke about it, I was one of those guys that downloaded Oblivion’s horse armor and liked it. Sure, the price blew, but at least the horse looked cool, right? Unfortunately for PS3 owners, Mr. Hines already stated that Fallout 3 DLC would only be available for the Xbox 360 and PC.

[via Kotaku]

Brad BradNicholson