Faith and a .45: Total Overdose developers delight with some depression

While it’s by no means a classic, I have a certain fondness for Deadline Games’ Total Overdose, a title that melded sandbox, GTA-style violence with a cartoony style and ridiculously over-the-top showmanship. It’s with great joy then, that I hear tell of a brand new IP coming from Deadline, with the classy name of Faith and a .45.

Described as a “Bonnie and Clyde” style adventure, Faith and a .45 is to be set in the Great Depression era, certainly something you don’t often see as a backdrop in videogames. The story revolves around a gunslinging pair who are out to stop the evil oilman that wants them dead. 

Whether you liked Total Overdose or not, you have to give Deadline points for an original game premise. If the gameplay turns out to be as catchy as the name, Faith and a .45 could be one to watch in the future.

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