Failed Braid cookie

I’d like to think that I am pretty good with videogames in the kitchen. I have made some pretty kickin’ Cactuar and BioShock cakes. I have also experimented with EarthBound cookies. Today, I think I finally met my maker with the Braid cookie pictured above.

The idea was spawned in our office in-between conversations about the Star Wars Unleashed demo and protein bars. Nick suggested that I try making one of the enemies in Braid, and so I was forced to oblige. We don’t know what the enemy’s name is, nor have I ever played the game before. I heard it was some dumb artsy game about a dude’s nuclear scientist girlfriend or something, so I never took the time to download it.

As you can see, it went terribly. While I was mixing the initial face portion of the cookie I realized the dough was crumbling at an incredible rate. In my rush to satisfy my boss’ dictation, I performed the creaming portion of the sugar and butter terribly. I also forgot that I no longer possessed any orange icing, which is an obvious need for this endeavor. In the end, I have angered Nick so greatly that he threatened to “fire [me] so far off the Internet that NASA won’t be able to take a picture.” I am afraid. Please like my cookies?

Brad BradNicholson