Fable 2: mini-games releasing this August and special edition details

Today, Microsoft announced that three different gambling mini-games for Fable 2 will be bundled together on Live Arcade this August. According to the press release, the games are called Spinnerbox, Keystone, and Fortune’s Tower. Spinnerbox is said to be a lot like playing slot machines, while Keystone will be a roulette type experience. Finally, there’s Fortune’s Tower, which is apparently a trivia challenge game.

These titles will have direct ramifications on a player’s journey through the land of Albion in Fable 2 in terms of currency. Any allotments of cash obtained in a mini-game will be directly transferable to a player’s character in Fable 2. This will allow a pretty nice padding when it comes to beginning-of-the-game money woes most RPGs possess.

The good news is that you can at least get the three games embedded on your game disk if you pre-order Fable 2. Both the standard edition and the special edition will include the arcade games. It is unclear if the offer will extend past the preordering phase. For those who can’t wait for the fall release date, the mini-games will be available for 800 Microsoft points soon.

If mini-games aren’t your thing, but you are a sucker for special editions, Lionhead also announced what the $79.99 copy of Fable 2 will contain. It will come with the standard “making of video,” a Hobbe figurine, a one month Live card, and access to exclusive downloadable content. The content is unknown at this point, but its safe to say that it will probably be some sort of weapon or item to aid the eager adventurer at the start of the game.

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