Extra Life/SingSterling: Thanks for all the support so far!

We debuted the SingSterling Challenge two days ago and thus far things are going pretty decently! So far we have $632.00 in the bank — not bad, but not AMAZING either. I know these things usually ramp up the closer we get to deadline but we can do better than that!

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far, including those outside the Destructoid community. Also, a massive thank you to fellow writers around the Web who have been promoting this. I asked a lot of people to spread the word for me, and while some have not, others have been more than helpful in drumming up support. Big thanks go to:



ARS Technica

Sony’s Official PlayStation Blog

If you’re another blog and have also helped spread the word about Extra Life and the SingSterling Challenge, then please drop me a line at jim @ destructoid.com and I will make sure to throw up a thanks for you in future updates. Also, if you’re reading this right now, tell your friends, your family, everybody! If you’re a game dev, try and have a whip round. If you raise sheep in a field — TELL THOSE WOOLY MOTHERF*CKERS! Both myself and Doc at Sarcastic Gamer really do appreciate it. 

Remember, every sponsorship you make goes toward helping children with cancer. Give what you can and help to make Extra Life something even more amazing than it is already. We’re counting on you. <3

James Stephanie Sterling