Explosionade announced for Xbox Live Indie Games

Mommy’s Best Games, the peeps behind Weapon of Choice and Shoot 1UP on Xbox Live Indie Games, have been hard at work on their game Grapple Buggy for some time now. Their goal is to have this latest title appear on the proper Xbox Live Arcade but have had difficulty securing a publisher and the development cash which comes with one.

Rather than beg for donations as is often the case with indie developers, they’ve decided to produce a new Xbox Live Indie Games title instead. Announced today is Explosionade, a side-scrolling shooter where you pilot a mech into enemy bases and lay waste to everything you see. Mommy’s Best is promising that their hand-drawn environments will be destructible and that the game will feature two-player cooperative play and leaderboards.

No firm release date, but the title is finished and undergoing the peer review process right now. Mommy’s Best Games expects that Explosionade will be released on Xbox Live Indie Games by September 25th. You can check out some screenshots of the game below.

Conrad Zimmerman