Explore Fable II’s ‘Knothole’ on December 22

When it was originally announced, Lionhead and Microsoft had promised that we’d be seeing Fable II‘s first downloadable content, “Knothole Island,” on December 12. That’s tomorrow for the calender-impaired.

But according to CVG, Lionhead has confirmed that the Knothole Island pack will “definitely be hitting Xbox LIVE on December 22.” So maybe they originally had their 1s and 2s mixed up, right? 

Whatever the case, this should give a lot of people — myself included — time to actually sit down and see Fable II to its completion. Personally, I’m not too keen on dropping 800 MS Points on an expansion to a game which I haven’t even finished yet. But surprisingly, I know more people who have completed Fable II than haven’t, so I’m clearly in the minority here. 

Do your holiday plans include visiting Knothole Island this year?


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