Exoprimal unleashes the dino-horde on July 14


The Jurassic shooter will be on Xbox Game Pass day one, too

Get ready to deal with some dinos this summer. Capcom has locked in Exoprimal for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on July 14, and it’s also coming to Xbox Game Pass.

This co-op shooter pits exosuit-adorned soldiers against huge waves of dinosaurs, mixing the horde system you usually see for zombies or Gears‘ Locust with prehistoric terrors.

Using different loadouts like Assault, Tank, and Support, the players try to keep the world from being overtaken by the long-gone apex predators.

Alongside the co-op play is a competitive element. Exoprimal pits two teams of five against each other to complete objectives before the other. Story segments will be doled out through playing the Dino Survival mode, as well as various rewards and experiences to juice up your rigs.

Pass to the past

Add in a dash of mutated Neosaurs, that wield elemental powers and more, and it seems kind of interesting. Granted, there are a ton of pre-order rewards and other cosmetics.

Capcom also showed off a good chunk of its Survival Pass, which looks familiar to most battle pass set-ups. There’s a free track, and a premium track. Picking up a deluxe edition will net you some bonuses too.

An open beta test is also set to run March 17 through 19, so you can get a sense early if you want to dive into Exoprimal. Meanwhile, the full game hits on July 14.

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