Exit 2 coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade this week as well [Update]

So, Death Tanks isn’t exactly your cup of tea? Well then, how about Exit 2 (800 Microsoft Points)? According to the title’s Xbox.com page, it’ll be out on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace on Wednesday as well.

Why it wasn’t dated on Monday like virtually all Xbox LIVE Arcade games are, I haven’t the slightest idea. At any rate, it looks like another successful “leak” from the USK.

I bought and enjoyed the first Exit on XBLA, but it wasn’t long before the difficulty ramped up beyond my skill level. As much as I love the thought of spending $10 only to get stuck again, I’m thinking I’ll pass on this one. What about you guys?

[Thanks, Power-Glove!]

[Update: It appears that Exit 2’s Xbox.com splash page has now been set to “TBD.” Perhaps someone accidentally typed the wrong date and continued to save the changes. Accidentally. Yeah, I don’t know either.]

Jordan Devore
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