Exclusive: Raskulls multiplayer developer walkthrough

Yesterday, we showed you the single player campaign of upcoming XBLA game Raskulls, with commentary by yours truly and Halfbrick representative Phil Larsen. Today, we bring you the real heart of this cute and funny skeleton-themed party game — the multiplayer. Joined by our very own Rey Gutierrez, we show off just how insanely fun this game can be. 

The loud cries of “OOOH” as we bitterly fight for the finish line aren’t fake. This is one of those games that make people shout at each other … in a good way, of course. With support for up to four players, Raskulls‘ multiplayer mode is definitely where it’s at. Do please check out the video. I think you’ll like this game. 

That wraps up our exclusive look at the game, but we have one more important piece of coverage regarding Raskulls. You’ll have to wait and see to find out what it is, though.

Jim Sterling