Exclusive: First peek at Titmouse’s Seven Haunted Seas

We’ve had our eye on Titmouse Games — the developer born out of animation house Titmouse Studios —  for awhile now. Its a team that’s brought its unique aesthetic and artistic voice to everything from animation projects like Cartoon Network’s Metalocalypse to the over-the-top cut-scenes of Activision’s Guitar Hero. They also like to party. Hard. And smash things. That is something I think we can all stand behind.

Today, the developer shot over some concept screens for one of its first titles, Seven Haunted Seas. The images are gorgeous, but came in an email accompanied with little to no description of what was going on. This is norm in the industry; usually have better grasp on what we can expect from the title, which gives us something more to write about. 

But Titmouse has been in silent-mode about the details of Seven Haunted Seas for awhile. So we asked them: What’s going on here in the screenshots? We really just wanted a general overview really, but Titmouse’s Aaron Habibipour surprised us with some absolutely amazing detail. 

Hit the jump for the exclusive low-down and an early look at Titmouse’s Seven Haunted Seas and the adventures of the skeleton pirate, Pete.

“Pete’s ship, the Seademon, is docked at the port of Batterfroth, an island composed of the hulks of thousands of ships, piled atop one another for centuries. It’s one of the most dangerous islands in the game, home to vicious gangs of pirates and cultists.

Here Pete can find quests, trade, and could possibly be home to one of the lost items he seeks. Each Island will be unique to its own design and culture. “


“En route to Frostpeak, Pete encounters a group of Slave Scows who are trying to disable and board the Seademon.

In Seven Haunted Seas, you can take or be taken by any ship. Boardings are common, and the seas are at times more dangerous than any island you can be on. Boarding a ship can get you lots of rewards — loot, equipment for your ship, a new ship to use, etc. This kind of combat and interaction will be commonplace in the game’s ocean travel.”

“Pete Stands on the deck of his ship, the Seademon.

In Seven Haunted Seas, the experience of being on your ship isnt just confined to a god’s eye view. Get off the wheel, man the machine guns, and take down your enemies the way god intended — by looking them in eye.”

“In this shot, Pete has disembarked the Seademon, and the docks of Batterfroth are laid out before him.

This dock is peiced together form the wreckage of an oiltanker, now used as a intermediary for those who just arrived on the island proper. Because the Pirates of Batterfroth control the island with an iron grip, half of the dock has turned into a slum for refugees and cultists, and is a fairly dangerous place. In this shot, Pete is about to walk into a riot as a band of cultists tries to force their way through the city’s main gate.”

“Pete stands in front of the Batterfroth city gates, the main entrance to the island proper. A dead Enforcer’s hand occupies the space to the right.”

“Like in the other open sea shot, Pete is fighting off the Slave Scows in the open ocean. The front part of the ship has been blown off and is flying away from the ship. Here, Pete has set the Seademon on a course, and gotten off the wheel to man the machine guns mounted to the deck.

The Seademon has two types of weapons: the cannons which can be fired from the wheel, or the deck mounted weapons — in this case a set of machines guns from an old battleship. The cannons only fire straight and are good to do a lot of damage if your enemy is directly off to starboard or port. But if you want to disable another ship — or to take out specific parts of a ship (engine, guns, captain, gunners) — then you will need to hop on a gun and do it manually. The weapons on deck will be replaceable with everything from cannons to rocket launchers. Just loot a ship that has them.

Also, the horizon line that runs across the majority of the sky here isn’t land — its on coming waves.”

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