Evony ads bring new meaning to the term ‘booby trap’

Prominently featuring a sultry scrubber in erotic lingerie, with tantalizing text that says, “Best free web game, play now secretly,” you’d be forgiven for thinking that Evony was a saucy and steamy erotic romp for your browser. You couldn’t be further from the truth, however, because these ads are the most ridiculous lies to have hit the Internet all week. 

Niero has been making me play the free, browser-based RTS Evony this week, for some reason. I’ve since stopped playing it because I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why I was even playing it. It seems that Evony‘s creators also realize that people have no real reason to play, hence the misleading and ludicrous ads.

First spotted on Negative Gamer, the ads have made their way to Destructoid via our network. Usually we’d complain about an online game using such duplicitous methods, but the complete and utter shamelessness on display here is thoroughly hilarious and deserves attention. If only the game itself were anywhere near as titillating as its ads, but sadly, the slow and dreary “gameplay” of Evony has nary a breast in site. It’s just a lot of waiting around for Sawmills to finish building.

Still, you have to give the chauvanistic brains behind Evony credit. Good on them for reaping a few extra clicks from horny teenagers around the world.

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