Ever wanted to know how much a game maker makes?

The Game Career Guide shows us the results of Game Developer’s sixth annual survey of game industry salaries.

There’s seven pages of results and bar graphs for you to go through, but here are the highlights: 

  • Programming is where the money is at (average at $80,000+)
  • Game Testing is not where the money is at
  • A Master’s degree doesn’t necessarily equate to higher pay
  • Experience does equate to higher pay, so hang in there
  • It is difficult to get into game design right out of college
  • The development industry is made of of mostly males

While programmers had the highest average pay, that came only after some years of experience were put under their belts. Producers had the highest pay and bonuses, but the average pay comes out to a bit less than programmers. Artists and animators make a bit less than the rest of the guys, but those with even less than 3 years experience are still pulling in a respectable average of over $42,000. Not bad. Those poor game testers make the least, but there’s some hope for those to make it to a QA lead position.

[thanks to The Golden Donut] 


Dale North