Europe gets a DS cooking game: Cooking Guide

I know I’m going to catch “get back in the kitchen” comments for this, but I have to admit it — I like cooking. I decided to learn to like it when I realized I was thirty years old and likely to starve to death if I didn’t teach myself. For that reason, Nintendo’s new DS game, Cooking Guide: Can’t Decide What to Eat actually appeals to me. It’s a shame it’s a European release, because I might have bought it if I could have read it.

Rather than challenge players in mini-games Cooking Mama-style, Cooking Guide is an actual how-to game, guiding players through 250 recipes from around the world. Dishes are broken down into groups you can search, including a calorie search for people watching their weight. What can I say? I think it’s neat. I’m a woman. It’s genetic.

Cooking Guide comes out in Europe on July 20th. Check out more screens at Nintendic if you’re a dork like me and you enjoy educational games.

Colette Bennett