Euro commish wags finger at MS; Microsoft preps moonraker cannon …

Engadget has been standing on the corner all day yelling “Extra! Extra!”, and after throwing rocks at them and screaming obscenities, we finally deigned to leave the Towertoid to see what exactly was going on. It turns out that European Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, Meglena Kuneva, has bees in her bonnet over all of the alleged cases of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 system slicing rings into disc-based media!

You may recall a short time ago when a Dutch television program, by the naamwoord Kassa, aired an exposé that did a very convincing job of demonstrating the destructive capabilities of the MS console, to much outrage and gnashing of teeth. With that impetus to back her up, Ms. Kuneva has called out The Great Redmond Machine, giving them one week to respond to the claims, and to demonstrate what they have been doing to rectify the problem.

Ms. Kuneva freely admits that she doesn’t have the power to force a recall, or to fly, but she also says that she will continue to look for legal means through which she can hold Microsoft accountable for what seems to be a widespread issue throughout the known world. 

[Eddy, the check is in the mail.] 

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