EU BlazBlue release date delayed; country ‘colours’ added

When it comes to flashy Japanese fighting games, it seems Europeans just cannot catch a break. BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is this exemplified; a long delayed, a long desired fighting game that no one in Europe has been able to properly enjoy.

Well, suckers, it’s going to get worse. Due to a crowded February launch calendar, publisher Zen United has decided to delay the game a few more weeks into March. Part of this decision was to make sure the game sold well in Europe, as Zen United really wants to make sure the sequels make it to the old country just as much as Aksys wants to bring them to the US. Expect BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger in-stores March 12, you poor pitiful people.

Thankfully, in this version, all the characters have an unlimited Ex form, and there are pallet swap character colors to match European flags. Neat! And it is nice to confirm NA and Japanese players are still able to play online with Europeans as well. Oddly, there is no comment on the French PC version of the game, and nothing about the long-ago announced, EU-exclusive fighters. I suspect those have moved on to Continuum Shift. Shame.

However, to make it up to you, check out the admitedly different box art for the game. If you remember, Zen United decided that NeoGAF forum members were going to design the box art and vote on the winning design. PR mentioned that they hope this different look will appeal to different gamers and be “far more intriguing than the usual designs.” Personally, I’m kinda torn, as this design is borderline really awesome or really terrible. It is certainly striking, but I hope it’s not deceptive to misguided gamers. What do you think?

Ben Perlee