Eternal Poison: The most melodramatic trailer you’ll see today

The only thing that could make this trailer more over-the-top in the drama department is if it started with the phrase, “In a world…”

Eternal Poison is yet another in the cavalcade of Atlus titles coming stateside in the coming months. It could just be that I’ve always had a bit of a weakness for goth girls, but I’m really digging the style. And the enslavement/sacrifice mechanic mentioned in the trailer, despite being a completely different type of game and probably having no similarity in function, reminds me of Tecmo’s Deception. Hey, it scores points with me, okay?

The game will be arriving in stores on November 11th for the PS2. And it’s part of the “Atlus Spoils” campaign the publisher is currently running, which means Eternal Poison will come with a free soundtrack CD (hopefully with that epic music from the trailer on it) and a pre-order will net you an exclusive artbook.

Might be a good choice to tide hungry fans over until Persona 4 releases a month later. What do you guys think of it?

Conrad Zimmerman