Epileptic Gaming episode 108: How I crushed Kam-Ra in Fight Night

Tonight, our brothers from another mother, Epileptic Gaming, broadcast another live show for all you video game junkies. Why do we mention this each week? Because we love and support what people like Epileptic Gaming our doing, that’s why. And hey, it’s f*cking good too and you should watch it. On tap for tonight (7 p.m. Eastern, 4 p.m. Pacific) is the following:

1. News of the Week
2. REVIEWS: Crackdown (360) & Excite Truck (Wii)
3. PHOTOSHOP WINNER ANNOUNCED! – Mia will join us for the last 15 minutes to judge the contest.  She’s added alot of swag to the prize pack, and you’ll have until the EG break to submit your photos!
4. Open Phones
5. Special announcement about Command and Conquer 3
6. Letters from Viewers (the best HATE mail ever)
7. Find out how and why Summa of Destructoid beat down Kam-Ra in Fight Night 3 this weekend!

Go here for all the details and to watch tonight’s show. 

Robert Summa