Enslaved pre-order item: Uh, ‘Sexy Robot Trip’

So look, at the risk of sounding like I’m wearing a money hat (is that something you can hear?), I’ll say it: I really liked what I’ve played of Enslaved. Enough so that, unless it takes a dive in its last half, Ninja Theory’s game looks like a winner in my book.

So you know, go ahead and pre-order it; it wouldn’t be the worst game-related decision you could make this fall. Depending on where you pre-order it, you’ll get a little bonus — downloadable in-game costumes for Enslaved‘s duo, Monkey and Trip.

Pre-order it from GameStop, get “Ninja Monkey,” which gives you unlimited ammo for your staff. Pre-order from Walmart, get “Classic Monkey,” and see improved melee damage. Pre-order from Best Buy get… “Sexy Robot” trip? Apparently, she’ll augment Monkey’s stun blasts, melee stun charge attacks, and her own EMP blasts. Also, she’s “sexy.”

The game is out October 5. You can see portions of the game’s opening chapter here, and don’t forget to read our (ridiculously glowing) preview.

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